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This massive temple located in the central part of the old town is believed to have been built over the footprints of Lord Vishnu. Inside the temple, the 40 cm long `footprint’ of Vishnu is imprinted in solid rock and surrounded by a silver plated basin. This Shikhara style temple was constructed in 1787, by Queen Ahilya Bai of Indore, on the banks of the river Falgu. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple.
A flight of 1000 stone steps leads to the top of the Brahmajuni Hill, 1 km south-west of the Vishnupad Temple that affords a splendid view of the temple.


The temple is situated on the banks of the Phalgu River, Gaya.

How To Get There

Air The closest airport is located in Gaya(8 Km) and Patna(120 Km).

Train Many of the trains going between Delhi and Kolkata (Calcutta) go through Gaya. There are direct trains to Varanasi (4?6 hr), Puri, and Patna (2? hr). As the trains are extremely crowded between Varanasi and Gaya, it is best to book a ticket in advance.

Agra Bikaner Exp #2307 (6.39 am, 13 hr); Kolkata (Calcutta) Rajdhani Exp #2302 (4.41 am, Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat, 6? hr), Poorva Exp #2382 (8.48, 8 hr) Kalka Mail #2312 (11.20 pm, 8 hr); Delhi Rajdhani Exp #2301 (10.05 pm, 12 hr), Poorva Exp #2381 (4 pm, 16 hr; Mon, Th, Sun), Kalka Mail #2331 (2.50 am, 17 hr) ; Delhi Patna Hatia-Patna Exp #8626 (2 pm, 2 hr); Puri New Delhi-Puri Exp #2816 (9.10 pm, 19 hr; Mon, Wed, Thurs, Sat) and the Purushottam Exp #2802 (1.15 pm, 18? hr; Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun). Varanasi Doon Exp (6 am, 5 hr); Mughal Sarai (for Varanasi) Howrah-Jodhpur Exp #2307 (6.30 am, 3? hr), Purshottam Exp #2801 (1.50 pm, 3 hr, five days a week).

The Poorva Exp leaves Kolkata (Calcutta) (Howrah Station) at 9.15 am (Wed, Thurs, Sun) and arrives in Gaya at 3.50 pm. The night Doon Exp leaves Kolkata (Calcutta) at 8 pm, reaches Gaya at 6 am, and then continues on to Haridwar.

Bus Buses to Patna (100km, 4 hr) and Ranchi (7 hr) depart from the Gandhi Maidan Bus Stand. Buses to Rajgir (3 hr) depart from the Gaurakshini Bus Stand, across the river. Buses to Rajgir and Nalanda (2 hr, every hour) depart from the Manpur bus stand on the other side of the Phalgu River.


Inside the temple, the 40 cm long `footprint’ of Vishnu is imprinted in solid rock and surrounded by a silver plated basin.

Country India
Area gaya
Languages spoken Hindi, English
Currency INR


Nearest Tourist Sport Bodhgaya

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